Terra Opaca 2020

Terra Opaca, or land of the desert, is a vídeo about a journey in the darkness that wants to configure itself as a paradox. We oppose darkness to extractivism adversity, whose meaning given by our antipodes ancestors teaches us to see the light with our eyes shut. From the images of a prison, a dark and closed place, and passing through the myth of Erysichthon, we reflect on the immeasurable, our self-destruction.
Title: Terra Opaca // Opaque Land Gender: Curta-metragem Experimental, Ficção // Short, Experimental, Fiction Duração: 8min 37seg Date: 27 Agosto 2020 Origin Country: Portugal Filming Countries: Chile, Alemanha… Language: Portuguese, Espanhol Format: Digital Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Colour: Cor
Direction: Nicole Tsangaris e Susana Soares Pinto Image: Susana Soares Pinto Editing: Nicole Tsangaris Voice: Carlos Vega e Susana Soares Pinto Music: César Rodrigues
Some video stills.

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