ngimbe ephenpheni 2014

Performance with the guests Bárbara Castelo Branco, Pedro Huet and Hugo Oliveira. Eight-channel sound system, cardboard boxes, sound monitors, painted kapaline boards, sandpaper

ngimbe ephepheni (I dig in the paper translated for Zulu) begins at a first sonorous moment by reading in the form of murmur, an action developed individually. A murmur in eight voices. In a second moment the four performers, after carefully listening to the readings sonorized by books, gather around a table and simultaneously dig the paper. The action of excavating, or in this case of sanding, leads us to a search, a deepening, a clarification, and to a constant need for renewal of knowledge, an attitude of continuous dissatisfaction. We transform the paper written in black ink into a whitish one that appears according to the will of each individual.