descaminhos 2017

descaminhos, fotoVitor Garcia


In the beginning reality takes on the role of main protagonist to later begin the process of metamorphosis / fiction. Due to this dependence of the real, everyday objects invade my atelier and form parts of a whole to become. I speak of “ready made”, which mentally free me from Homo Laborans and emancipate Homo Ludens. It is in this freedom of “let's play” that dialogues or experiments (apparently) without truth, contingency experiments, experiments that may or may not be simultaneously, potential thinking. Returning to intersubjectivity and the need for an “other” I want to make a reference to places, places that are mental and exist side by side and where behavioral norms are suspended. Michel Foucault names the pirate boat as a perfect example of a heterotopia, a small floating space that is not attached to a place except the infinity of the sea. Here the boundaries are diluted and dispersed and the flows that could be circular are interrupted by constantly changing directions and giving the impression that we are free in the choices because we feel to go, but we are are pushed in one direction or another, we go with the currents , like wandering spirits, we go by unpathways or other pathways.