“… working with human and non-human partners to heal places, nets, paths, nodes, webs …” (Donna Harraway 2016)

work and play!

From Marcel Duchamp’s Mile String installation (1942) in which he creates a web of thread that disorients the viewer, and from reading the stories of Camille written by Donna Harraway in the book Staying with the trouble: making kin in the Chthulucene (2016 ) we try to reflect on the unparalleled affinities between objects, living beings and humans, through ramifications that intersect and combine to open new possibilities. There is a start but there is no end.

This performance lasted 1h30m and were invited to Ana Mula, Carmen Esteves and Isabel Quaresma. Objects, living beings, and humans connect through threads of wool, endlessly.